Family Law

Pollock & Galbraith have had a long standing involvement in this area dating back to times when there was less direction to the Courts on valuation methodology. Our general feeling at the current time is that the majority of divorce cases can proceed without actuarial help.

Our clients, however, find our input of assistance in the following areas:-
  • Checking & adjustment of high value CETV’s – it can be difficult to judge whether mistakes have been made by schemes when calculating CETV’s.
  • Discussion of the equity or otherwise of CETV’s – Uniformed Services, underfunded schemes, reduced life expectancy etc.
  • Estimation of Pension Sharing Credits & Debits – what will be the impact of a given share for both parties?
  • Provision of valuations where CETV’s are unavailable.
  • Apportionment issues (to exclude pre-marriage accruals etc).
  • Complex cases involving SSAS, SIPP, FURBS etc.
  • Calculations of economic losses, say the termination of a career to support a partner and children