Life Expectancy Calculations

It has been increasingly common for Dr Pollock to be instructed to prepare detailed reports on life expectancy, covering both pre and post accident impairments to longevity.

Dr Pollock conducts a full review of the relevant literature in medical and statistical journals and has experience on liaising with clinical professionals.

In recent years reports have been provided in cases involving cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, smoking, obesity, cardiovascular disease, Down’s syndrome, diabetes and other endocrine disorders, malignancies of various types, severe burns and mental illness.


A dedicated librarian maintains our substantial resource of medical and statistical literature and monitors journal issues on a regular basis to keep Dr Pollock aware of new research in this evolving area.

Dr Pollock’s approach to such matters is usually to adjust to underlying mortality rates from the Ogden Tables to allow for negative (or positive) factors influencing life expectancy. In doing so, account is taken of the prevalence of such factors in the overall population.